TRINIDAD 🇹🇹 🙌🏾 While teaching each o

"He who sees the teaching, sees me" buddha

Embodied history in jazz & Contemporary

Lecturer, Jazz Dance

University of Massachusetts Amherst

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



I enjoy collaborating with poetic dancers of all backgrounds and encouraging whomever to be their honest selves ... to bring into the room everything they have ever learned.  To use it as a means of surrender.  I too bring all of my training into a room and use, interchangeably, techniques in Jazz, Pan-African, Samba, Modern, Hip-Hop, Improvisation, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Meditation, Dance History and Critical Analysis.  I have had the pleasure of collaborating with professional & pre-professional, old & young, male, female & gender non-conforming, rich & poor, trained & untrained, the happy & the sad.  We are a spectrum. I love people regardless.